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You are what your music makes you...

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White Pheasant wrote:

The idea that certain types of people might prefer certain types of music is not necessarily completely daft. The problem with this survey is that it over-simplifies the parameters involved so that it's based on too few criteria.

The fact is that musical taste has many different influences other than just personality traits. There's things like age, sex, nationality, parents, education, friends, intelligence, culture, personal experience etc etc.

In fact the variety of different influences that make up the musical preferences of any one individual are so complex that it's unlikely that any such 'survey' could provide any useful statistical information on the subject.   

Exactly. As you said, with this kind of methodology, statistical inductions and millions of variables, to attempt this kind of "survey" you must be a complete idiot. Or just use someone else's idiotism to pay you for that kind of work. There surely is a very deep connection between the person you are and music you listen to, but it can't be "researched" this way. It's a very common problem of people today not understanding limits of a particular methodology, extending it far beyond its possible reach and consequently producing voodoo crap like this, having the guts to call it a "survey" or "research", "science" even.


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