Your hifi history part 1 - speakers

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God where do i start...

Goodmans Marconiphone speakers- 2x 5" paper cones with foam surrounds, cone tweeters..lovely warm sound, not a lot of detail, good bass. Had to get rid of them due to foams eventually giving up...didn't know about re-foaming 12 years ago before it became commonplace. Can't find them for love nor money now!

Goodmans RB18s- as above, not bad but hardly Goodman's finish moments

Goodmans RB35s- as above. Sold both of them in the paper.

Goodmans Achromats- a lot of fun, huge woofers, really did the bass well.

Leak Sandwich 150- still have them...rough as shit in the treble but midrange is ok...don't stick Pioneer stuff into them and you'll be ok

Wharfedale 508- awesome...shouldn't have sold them

QLN 111- as above...really liked them. Tremendous bass extension for the size

Mordaunt Short MS30i Classic (£600s worth). Very good but lacked midrange. Excellent bass...made the QLNs sound like sqwuak boxes

Mordaunt Short Performace 860- good but couldn't get on with (lack of) imaging

HERE ONWARDS is the major box swopper/experimentation so not precisely in order but something like it anyway and this is all stuff i've used from between 2 weeks to a year!

Mordaunt Short MS10i Classic (the £280 ones). Still got them...opposite of the 30s...poor bass but excellent midrange!

Celestion Kingston- fabulous, lack of colouration

Celestion SL600- as above but imaging not quite as good

Vaessen Box- LOTS of fun, superb in every respect but maybe a little too artificial.

Cabasse Prao (think thats the model) - still have them...excellent treble/mid

Sony SS-Al1- excellent treble, bass a little boxey- still have them

Philips MFB587- still have them, excellent bass/mid/treble. Active motional feedback designs

Philips DSS930- good but lacking upgradability with active subs etc. Still have them

Monitor Audio MA3- impressive. Very impressive. But ugly! Still have them

Bang and Olufsen Penta- not bad for B&Os to be honest but not the most revealing of speakers. STill have them, for the moment

Bang and Olufsen 5702- good but not as good as the sum of the components should be

Linn activ ;) Keilidhs- superb when active. Like the treble

REL Stadium (yes, its a sub). Very good. So good i bought 2 and still have them!

Celestion Ditton 44- not terribly spectacular

AR18bx- rubbish

AR18s (the original ones) - superb treble but a bit rough...great bass. Not bad

B&W DM3s- excellent treble, supertweeter and good bass but impractical

B&W DM601 s 1/2/3s- rubbish POS's.

Rogers LS33s - not terribly good

Tannoy M1s- very good

GLL Maxim- nice, i like them

Genexxa Linaeum Pros- superb treble, rest of it crap

Mission 782 floorstander- bass decoupled from sound, not bad treble/mid

Celestion C3- pretty good by all accounts but no SL600!

JPW AP2- meh...unremarkable. AP3s were a bit better

Decca Londons- couldn't fault them. Awesome things

Arc 101 with external passive x-over - couldn't get on with them...but not too bad

Wharfedale Diamond I - good

Wharfedale Active Diamond I - good

Wharfedale Diamond II- bit better

Wharfedale Diamond III- bit better than II

Wharfedale Diamond 8.1 Active- excellent

TDL RTL 3/4 - crap

Quad 11l- really impressed by these, very good midrange

Kef 101 (LS3/5a clone)- very good , remarkable bass extension, great midrange

Kef 101.2- total lack of bass. Good imaging

Audionote type J/K? Good...very good in fact

Wharfedale Coleridge- excellent but tiny bit coloured

Wharfedale Harewood- superb stuff..i'll never sell them

Wharfedale Opus 1- current speakers. Excellent in every respect

not bad for a 27 year old chap!

I'd like Celestion 600/6000, Audio Physic Virgo 2, Wharfedale TSR112 and Wharfedale Opus 2/3

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Gor blimey!.....Ill have a go at remembering...

Wharfedale Super Linton

B&W DM 6 ? (they had a tweeter attenuator)

Bose 901..................And then I went off hifi and had a few pairs that werent overly brill, but decent enought tho, including

AR........erm.....cant remember the number!

JPW Gold

Mordaunt Short summat or others.....

Celestion F1?.................and then me mind goes blank until.........

Wharfedale Diamond 7.3

Mission M73

Mission ...............(replacement of M5's) Volare I recall now

Focal Chorus 714

Quad 22L


And there are loads waiting to be remembered some time soon.........:nuts:

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Blimy, some of those lists are huge!:shock:


Tannoy Mercury

Tannoy M20

Mission 762:sick:


TDL Studio 1 M

B & W 704

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Not too long a list, f*ck me Rory how many?!!!

Kef K120's - Can't remember them - think ok budget speaker at time

Mission 751 - lovely speaker - when Mission still made them properly, mate has them now with a Wadia CDP and Cyrus power amps!!!

Dynaudio 1.8 mkII - did love them until I knew better!! Great fun but a bit slow and thuddy

Focal 1007 - lovely looking things but a bit big and expensive for my space

System Audio 1750 - Great fun speaker for the money - seem to be over looked on this forum, try them - make some great speakers.

What next...... would love some Peak Consult!!!

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Rory wrote:

God where do i start...

Amazingly long list there, Rory :^:)

Just shows how many speakers are out there - I've had a few myself, & the only one we have even vaguely in common is the QLN - I had the Siggies for a few days. Didn't get on with them at all.

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JBL TLX3 GI - a massive upgrade from the Aiwas

JBL LX66 - plenty of bass and energy

JBL XTi 80 - refined Danish-made JBL's

B&W DM602S3 - rubbish

Dynaudio Contour 1.3mk2 - fantastic

B&W DM303 - fun

Monitor Audio GR60 - bright

Dynaudio Contour 1.8mk2 - gravitas and punch

Dynaudio Contour 1.1 - excellent imaging

Yamaha NS1000M - FAST, detailed with fabulous imaging

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Not as many as some.. crikey, I thought I was bad but some of you!:shock:

  1. Gale Model 2i - fine for a first ever student system
  2. Rega Jura - Boom Tizz, but fun.
  3. Monitor Audio GR20 - Not for me. Lacked coherence.
  4. Neat Mystique II - Some of the best speakers I have heard. Mid-range to die for and nice sparkly treble.
  5. Neat Elite - Better bass than the Mystique II's but lacked the sparkle in the treble. In fact these have the best bass I have ever had in my room.
  6. Triangle Antal ESw - Love em. Bigger sound than the Neats and yet not quite as in your face.

Thassit. The Triangles will take some beating.

Oh and I have some Morduant Short MS10i's in the second system.

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Started in 1982 - with more or less my first proper wage packet:

Kef Codas - mark 11's, I think and cost £80 - built like a brick shit house - good bass non existent trebble

Celestion 3's - 1988 just as they were released, £100 - not as good as the Kefs but fine speaker for the money, iffy build quality

System 938's (or something) - heard at a dealer and thought that they were the dogs dangglies - got them home and they were crap - 1994, £300

Linn Keilidh's - 1995, like may others I was given the demo - beat the Missions to a pulp - very very very accurate bass IMO - I still use them for party's etc

Triangle Antal's - 2006, superb bass but too dominering for my room - sent them to my brother-in-law who can now do them justice

Opera Callas Mini's - 2006, nearest that I have owned to a reference speaker - now releagted to the living room as I like a more weighty bass

Mozart Viennas - 2007 - got them via Bourney - very warm sound - opposite end of the scale from ATCs etc - recently back as my main speaker after trying to sell them, alas with limited interest

Focal Electra 906's - 2008, again from Bourney - good all rounder no particular vices, though the wife finds them ugly - up for sale if anyone is interested

I also have some Wharfedale Diamond 8.1's - got tehm for my daughter who hasn't used them - good speaker to show to disbelievers - i.e. how cheap you can go for 'good' sounds - poor build quality though

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JANDL100 wrote:

Rory wrote:
God where do i start...

Amazingly long list there, Rory :^:)

Just shows how many speakers are out there - I've had a few myself, & the only one we have even vaguely in common is the QLN - I had the Siggies for a few days. Didn't get on with them at all.

Forgot the JR150s which i sold to you! They were quite nice weren't they!

Also forgot Focal JM Lab Electra 905s- nice midrange

As you say, there's so many different brands of speakers out there and within those brands there's gooduns and notsogooduns. Speakers REALLY change the sound, being the last part in the chain and its interesting hearing all the different types :)

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Goodmans RB35s From Comet circa 1980

Celestion DL8 I should have demmed more speakers

Epos ES11 Flat earth fever

B&W N805's great standmounters

B&W N803's Room too small for N802's

Neat Ultimatum MF5 would like a bigger room

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Goodmans Q30 - very sensitive small monitors 96 db/W and the cheapest decent thing in Comet in the 70's.

AR18LS. Bright and sensitive. Got rid of them before the surrounds rotted. Good with a Mullard amp. Discounted at Lasky's.

Leak Mini Sandwich. May buy another pair of these and have another go.

Mordaunt Short MS20i. A downgrade from the AR18LS. Bad idea.

EPOS ES11. I regard these as my first real hifi speakers. Good with vintage kit.

Meridian M3. Excellent. Should have bought the M2 though.

Stirling Broadcast LS3/5a Superspec.Nice mid. Not until I bought Tallis stands did I hear them properly.

Spendor BC1. Better than the LS3/5a in all departments but needed more power.

Stirling LS3/5a V2. Big upgrade on the normal LS3/5a. Prefer it to the SP1 and BC1 in the mids. My main speakers used with a BK Monolith.

Spendor SP1. The BC1 is betterif you have a powerful amp although the SP1 is stronger and copes with cheaper amps better.

Canon S35. Used in the bedroom. Excellent imaging. Bought for £9

Linn Komponent 104. Also used in the bedroom. Underrated.

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Jerry started typing his list when this thread was started. He should be due to finish sometime on Friday. I can't wait.

My paltry few:

Pioneer - I thought they were good until I heard the Lintons

Wharfedale Linton - Not great, but fuller ( and duller) than some smaller and newer ones I've tried

Kef Celeste - fabric wrapped, big plastic moulding for the base - quite a good design really, loved them until I fried the tweeters.

Gale 4i - small floorstanders that really took me a step closer to full range and realistic bass.

Castle Harlech - currently in number 1 system. Beautiful, lots of rich bass and very musical.

Kef Q15 - in number 2 system - great for close up and low volume

Denon SC-M50- in system 3 - Designed by Mission, very good small boxes.

Eagle - in ceiling speakers, run off the Denon and fitted in the bathroom ceiling. They use the plasterboard as an infinite baffle, and are remarkably involving for cheap cones!! Many a long soak in the bath with these pouring out Bruckner or Floyd....

Aiwa in the shed, and Eltax in the garage. Thats about it.......until christmas maybe.

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Celestion 3

Mirage 290i

Mission (cant remember model)

TDL Nucleus 2

Dynaudio Audience 42

Elac 201

Tannoy Mini Autograph

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Let's see if I can make a complete list this time .... :)

Technics SB301 - my first 'hifi' speaker. I've still got a soft spot for Technics speakers!

Dynastat - stat hybrids. Hmmm .... I got ripped off here I think. But I was young and foolish. (I'm now older).

Quad 63 -quite boring really, but I didn't realise this until I heard ....

ProAc Response 2 (they ate the Quad 63s for breakfast)

ProAc Response 3 - bigger &bolder (but not better) than the 2's

Electrostatic Research Vista II stat hybrids - superb, really. The wife reckons these are the bestI have had.

Martin Logan CLS2z - full range stats. Legendary reputation well deserved.

Apogee Caliper Signature - a bit coloured but good fun. A pig to drive, though, needed a Krell KAV250 at 330WPC.

AvantGarde Unos - horn hybrids. Kept these 5 years. Yummy.

Acoustic Energy AE1 - OK, not especially good at anything though.

Rogers LS3/5a - with a REL Quake sub, very good indeed with surprising dynamic scale.

Audiostatic DCI Wings - full range stats. Poor bass which rolled off from the mids! -otherwise superb in many ways.

QLN Sigs - urk. Used them for about 2 hours. Dull, dull, dull.

Technics SB-M300Mk2 - 'high end' 3-way stand mounts with rear passive bass radiator. A bit weird but notbad.

Kharma Ceramique 3 - Nice. Kept them for 2 years.

JBL L110 - vintage classics that put the fun back into music. Surprisingly good.

Epos ES30 - surprisingly good - I really quite enjoyed these!

Dali Skyline 1000 - ribbon hybrids, 30 inch ribbon, 12 inch open baffle woofer. :-D

Klipsch Heresy II - awful, really. Coloured & plummy & just plain wrong.

Apogee Centaur Minor - ribbon hybrid - couldn't get on with these. Too light, not enough gravitas.

Cabasse Io - small6 inchspheres with co-axial drivers. Bit bland.

JBL Ti2K - standmounts - punchy and fun - still got these in my 2nd system.

Maggie smga - couldn't throw a decent image to save their lives. Low-rez, too.

Linn Keilidh - not owned but heard extensively. Poor speakers - no real virtues that I could hear.

Thiel CS2.3 - fast, detailed, exciting - I liked these!

Yamaha NS1000M - a bit coloured, lack top end air, poor imaging. Good really, to be fair,but not for me.

Rogers Export Monitor - neutral and cumfy .... too cumfy!

Spendor SP1/2 - superbly neutral but dynamically a bit boring.

Rega Jura - stonkingly good fun - even better when you stack two pairs ;-)

Celef PE1 - pretty good - sort of a 'poor man's ProAc Response 2

Jim Rogers JR149 - good fun. Dynamic, neutral & interesting.

Jim Rogers JR150 - even better than the 149. Quite excellent really.

ProAc Future Point Five - somewhat diffuse imaging, otherwise fairly wonderful

Quad 57s - shows the 63s a thing or two about presence and palpability - especially good with valves. An understandable classic.

Bowers Actives Ones - superb BBC monitor sound with balls (I've still got these - way too good to sell)

Accuton Collette - ceramic drivered mini standmount. Exquisite - jaw-dropping bass for (very) small speaker.

SD Acoustics SD1 - ribbon hybrids - my current fave.

Hmmm .... I think that's probably the story so far. :)

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Monitor Audio MA 9's. First ever pair. Unsensitive. Crap with CD but brilliant with Vinyl. Moved house with them seven times!! Still got em in the loft. tough little buggers.

Acoustic Energy AE 109's. Stupidly good for the money. Ballsy and fun, good looks and great Bass for the size. Still love these even though they're not that transparent. A bombproof product. In my parents loft as we speak.

Sonus Faber Domus concertinos. Great little speaker and a good all rounder. Valve compatible and sound lively, open warm and dynamic with My Ming Da valve amp.

Sonus Faber Cremona Auditors. Love them and they frustrate me at the same time. Huge soundbut I feel flawed in some ways. Treble can become bright with certain recordings. They can also sound dull and unresponisve unless they have serious power up them. Good with the Krell but they simply sound uninterested with anything else:shock:When they kick ass though they really kick ass. The higher the volume the better.

B&W 805 Signatures. Awesome speakers. Will never sell them. Only slight draw back is they could have a little more bass. Aside from that, amazingly detailed, sweet, musical, transparent fast and can dish out any kind of music whilst being driven with anything from 15 to 500 watts. Can't go wrong with these.

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