Your hifi history part 1 - speakers

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I take it Jerry started typing a response to this early afternoon and should be finished sometime next week.:D

Me simple as you like.

Wharfedale Diamonds Great standmounts

Big P.A in a delightful pink colour -a tad ott for the poxy ex council house we had at the time. I think the neighbours liked them!!

Big Bose things out of a pub - bought for 20£ -i thought they were great at the time

Some little bose things out of a pub - dropped them and broke them

Some more Wharfedale Diamonds out of a pub

Linn Keilidhs ( and some INdex which are in a poor state)

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Wilmslow Audio 2 way Kits - not bad but a bit bass light

Mission 770 Freedom - Good with rock but still a bit bass light

MS10i Pearls - Superb should have kept them, when fitted on Linn Kan 2 stands were great, amazing with rock.

Shahinian Arcs - Bought at a bargain price £600, still got them, great speakers. Keepers

B&W CDM2SE - Came with a Linn system I bought, soon sold them on to a mate (along with most of the Linn System)

Quad 22Ls - cost me nothing in a reverse engineered deal, currently doing rear duty in the living room AV system (with the Arcs up front)

Meridian D600's First Digital Active Speaker, good and very loud, sold when I need some money quick.

KEF Q15 Bought for the kitchen, good with rock, appalling at everything else, still have them under my office desk

MS10i Classics - An eBay bargain, great speaker, currently in my wife's studio

Monitor Audio BR2 - What Hi-Fi faves, currently in my kitchen system, alright but the bass is not very well controlled - completely pissed on when put up against the SL6Si's which cost me half the money!

Celestion SL6Si - Another eBay bargain, mint boxed and with Celestion Stands, currently in my second system, these are keepers. Beautiful Midrange, well integrated top end, a little bass light at low volumes, but the ability of the system (SB+/Meridian 205 Monoblocks) to play great tunes, really lets you get in touch with the music.

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About 6 years ago I resurrected a 1970's Sansui seperates system from my parents loft

The speakers were unknown make, Seas drivers but perished surrounds.

Monitor Audio Silver S5 small floorstander did the job well for what I paid for them, then I heard a decent system!

Dynaudio Contour S1.4 (with dedicated stands) Horrendous bass boom, couldn't get them to work in my room

Spendor S5e Wonderful speakers do a hell of a lot very right, would (and do) recommend them, Happy that they have an appreciative new home

Martin Logan Aerius i Sublime with acoustic music and voices, glad I owned a pair of ESL's even if they were hybrids.

Audio Physic Virgo II Excellent speakers, image like no other, couldn't quite get them doing the full holographic trick right and ended up spending more time listening to the hifi trying to achieve it.

Living Voice OBX-R2 Unbeatable timbre and tone, I don't think about the hifi like I did with the AP's. These are keepers, so much so that the next planned upgrade is new amplification to really make the R2's sing, not new speakers.

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Starting in the seventies..

AR3a's loved them to bits..sooo

30 years later they fall to bits

couple of years with

Tannoy R3's..


Focal 1007's

The end.


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79-85 Wharfdale Diamonds

85-2002 Heybrook HBS1s

2002----------- BWs CM2s (now in 2nd room)

2004------------Dyn Contours 1.8 Mk II


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Guest oldphrt

RTV Acton

Leak Mini-Sandwich

Celestion Ditton 15

KLH 317

B&W 601

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ADPully wrote:

*= still own

  • decca kelly large things
  • sonab small model

  • Pioneer HPM1100

Hi Andy

I'd be most interested in some comments about these. :)

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Biscuit wrote:

Tannoy Mx-2's

ART Stiletto's*

Yamaha NS1000

Sony APM-66ES

Tannoy GRF Memory

Tannoy TD8

ART Expression 3-Way

JBL Project Array 1400*

*still owned

were there any others?

You had at least two pairs of Sonys Russ: the classy standmounts and those big fugly things with the square drivers... :)

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Super Wammer

Tannoy Mercury still have them wonderful

Linn Kan enclosures with Focal bass and inverted tweeter. Built for BIG valve amps still have them too

Impulse H6 with AI s500

Snell J's ditto

Snell Cii

Art Expression 3 way I thought these would be my last speaker

Art Impressions These will be my last speaker :cool:

Not bad in over 20years

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Early 70's Big Pioneer things with wood latice grills Just fun because it was your first real "hifi"

Late 70's First real hifi speakers Sonab OA16's Actually pretty good Down firing bass, upward firing mid and three angled tweeters

Early 80's Snell Type A's I still have them The first really good full range speaker I owned

Late 2007 Living Voice OBX RW's but with OBX R2 crossovers Lots of fun on some music, but ultimately a bit limited in the bass and too coloured in the midrange for me

Early 2008 Acoustic Zen Adagios Nice treble, more honest midrange to me, and goodbut not great bass.

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Davewhityetagain wrote:


not in order

Technics 4 different models

Kenwood 2 different models

Quad 57s 6 pairs

JBL's ?

Mission 4 pairs

B&W 3 different sets

then further up the food chain



Quad 63s 2 pairs

Tannoy Turnberrys


over 36 years

a few others lost in time

None from Salisbury Dave:shock:

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Not many for me I'm afraid.....

JPW Sonata - First proper speaker (ie not attached to a music centre :oops:)

Kef Q35 - The mark 1s, with the Uni Q driver. Loved these speakers, still in the loft!

Spendor S5e - Current choice. Small (wife-friendly) size, amazing sound. Keeping them until I can afford Thiel CS 3.7s, the only speakers to truly stop me in my tracks.

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