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Constellation Revelation Taurus Stereo Power Amplifier Now On Demo!

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Hi Everyone,

Another very big toy landed earlier this week, since taking on Constellation around a year ago I have been extremely impressed, most definitely my kind of sound, for me they give the perfect blend of warmth, insight, separation, control and dynamics. We started with Constellations entry level, said in the loosest term, of the Inspiration range which sounds gorgeous but it got me thinking what the next level up would be like, in all honesty I struggle to think that it can be any better, well now we have the Constellation Revelation Taurus Stereo power amp on demo so it is time to find out, it is certainly a far big bigger and heavier that our Inspiration amps.

We certainly seem to be accumulating an amazing selection of amps lately what with the Constellation Inspiration Mono's, now the Taurus, the Audio Research 160 Mono and Stereo amps, the new Chord Ultima 2's and not forgetting the favourites with the Naim NAP 500 and Bryston 4B and 7B's, at the higher end of amplification I would like to think that we have something for everyone.

For now though I am looking forward to getting to listen to the Taurus Stereo to find out what the next level up in the Constellation range brings to the party, needless to say if you'd like to come in for a listen anytime please feel free.

Please find a link to the Revelation range on our website and some pictures.








Which one would you Choose?







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