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9 hours ago, carlton bunce said:

So I need to know what cramming all that amplification into one box sounds like compared to an ExaktBox -6 and Akurate amps.

Given my own experience I’d say that an AEB6 with Akurate amps is much better than an AEB-I, although my experience is based on pre-Katalyst devices.  

My first Linn-only system consisted of an MDSM, an MEB-I and Misos. My longer term upgrade goal at that time was an AEB10. My first step was adding one 4200 (at the beginning of one of Linn’s "2 extra channels free" promotions). Very soon I’ve realised that mixing Majik and Akurate level amplification isn’t a real good idea in general and hence I’ve bought another A4200 at the end of the very same promotion, but this isn’t of much relevance here. Replacing the MEB-I later on by an AEB10 was another big step ahead in terms of SQ.

Even at the time of owning only one A4200 I’ve noticed that the MEB-I’s SQ  greatly benefits from external amplification. The A4200 was driving the mid-range and the tweeter and the MEB-I sounded noticeable better if my MDSM was used for driving the bass instead of the MEB-I.

As you already own an M5100 it IMHO makes no sense to go for an AEB-I. With respect to pre-Katalyst devices, an AEB6 with external Majik level amplification is much better than an MEB-I and I don’t think that Katalyst did change much in this regard. 

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