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Not heard of the Novafidelity before, looks like a possible option for me. Can I ask what power amp you use that saw off the Devialet?

Impressive if you feel the dac section of the NF is equal to the Dax Decade.

My power amps were Bel Canto Ref 1000s with modifications by Coherent Systems driven directly from the Dax Decade.

I really wanted the Devialet to work.  A beautiful, multi functional, one box solution. However, I found myself spending more and more time fiddling with the system (supports, cables, speaker positioning) trying to get the system to sound great. 

After a year, I had to admit that the AS Dax Decade + Bel Cantos Ref 1000s combination sounded better to me.

I've had 2 AS Dax Decades over the last 14 years. Initially a single ended model with the Blackgate upgrades and then a balanced version, which had a slightly lower noise floor than the single ended version, so I changed to that model.

After the Devialet experience, I never thought I would move on from the Dax Decade. But, the Novafidelity sounded better in a straight shoot out with the Sonos + Dax v Sonos + Novafidelity. Moving further on, the Novafidelity with inbuilt streamer sounded better than the Sonos + Novafildelity.

However, being cautious, I asked for an extended home trial. After about a week of swapping back and forth, I placed an order for the Novafildelity.

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Thank you @artless, I too like the idea of losing a few boxes but would do the same if it meant a compromise in quality. The Novafidelity into active speakers is a simple system that could appeal to me.

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I love my pair of Devialets - having had so many temperamental amplifiers over the years.

I gather they can do all this streaming thing directly out of the box but I've been in isolation for a decade or so and therefore have no idea what to do.

Is it really worth it?

Anyone who can explain it in simple terms is welcome to coffee and Jaffa Cakes...

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