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Disposing of vacuum tubes

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On 14/10/2019 at 12:35, bencat said:

Okay it is important that these are all saved and sorted and not just binned. I meant what I said and I am perfectly happy to drive to Chesterfield and collect them . I have no means of testing these but will put in the time of logging each type and the numbers . If there is anyone in the North West with test equipment I am also happy to take these along and test them .  Once we have an idea of the valves and condition then if there are any I can use I will keep and all of the rest can be claimed for cost of postage .

I would suggest that once we have disposed of them all then all those who claimed valves including me make a combined donation to charity nominated by Julian .

Thanks David, I'll be working on your punishment, Lol.

Andrew as you say we don't know one another so cannot assume your intentions are honourable, though now stylesound has stepped in to confirm that. 

Of course I could not know that and as we all know there are all sorts of people out there, and to be honest a line of yours ' if there are any I can use I will keep and all of the rest can be claimed ' did rather ring alarm bells.


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Super Wammer
3 hours ago, toprepairman said:

After further discussion with said pal David, I owe a massive apology to Andrew as his reputation is impeccable. 

I'll get my coat....

Henry please be assured I fully accept your apology , I do understand that there are many people who are just in this to make money and rip others off . You have no way of knowing that this is not what I intended. I am also strong ehough to accept this and not be upset. Wammers in general are great friends and support for all those who are on here . I want to be the same and seeing something like this were important items like valves which are in short supply and possibly going to be dumped makes me want to help . I have very few technical skills to help others but I can drive and pick up items easily now that I am retired so this is what I offered.

All told both you and I have learned things , we are both still comitted Wammers and we both stil want to do things to make things better for other Wammers what is not to love ?

If you come to Kegworth next year I will have a room come and listen to some music we can really meet and if I have any left you can have a malt to share and chat over . I promise you I was not offended and accept your words as being genuine we can meet and find out about each other and you and I can then help others .

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