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Good Morning All,

I don't want to de-rail this thread but I'd love to be a 'fly on the wall' at Linn as there must be some interesting meetings taking place. How much of this can truly be laid at the Brexit door I don't know as currency fluctuations can occur at any time?

I have no idea how sales of free-standing streamers stand against integrated units. Linn do 'seem' to be rail-roading people down their amplification/ speaker path but maybe that is what Joe Public wants.

It's a bit like JLR keeping the Defender going even when sales were down to what 17,000 a year (before they stopped making them). People kept saying we want to see the Defender being built but nobody (in real terms) was actually buying them (and with good reason but this isn't a Land Rover forum).

I genuinely hope Linn get the sales although at what £8,000 and £15,000 I have no idea what sales are like.



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On 12/10/2019 at 20:25, Moomintroll said:

Isn’t there an issue with installing the Akito on a Keel, due to the arm lift cutout, or lack of? Hence the recommendation to change the arm to an Ekos SE first.


You are right. To use the Akito with the Keel you have to remove the lift. 

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31 minutes ago, macfan said:

How about the other way - an Ekos SE on a Kore?

If you are asking whether it's possible, it's what I have, so yes.

If you are asking whether this is a sensible way forward, again yes (with no less an authority than @ThomasOK suggesting it). The Kore can then be replaced with a Keel as a later upgrade.

If you are recommending this option, then I think that everyone who has offered advice so far agrees with you.


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