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RFC , Chord , acoustic zen cables

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1.2 m RFC mercury rca to rca interconnect    sold

acoustic zen mc2 digital rca to xlr 1m 80 delivered [sstp]

chord signature rca to bnc 1m 95 inc del[sstp]

RFC hyperion xlr 1.5 m 90 quid delivered 

48753476726_63d373b42d_z.jpgP1060771 by , on Flickr

48753476756_80e6a4479c_z.jpgP1060770 by , on Flickr

48753150878_2de165d97a_z.jpgP1060769 by , on Flickr

48753150913_b35af80f58_z.jpgP1060768 by , on Flickr

48753150828_4cc4b033bd_z.jpgP1060767 by , on Flickr

48753665702_6b79cbf7d7_z.jpgP1060773 by , on Flickr

48753150958_244217f63a_z.jpgP1060772 by , on Flickr

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Hyperion xlr still available 

48012505267_0d237bbe89_z.jpgP1060591 by , on Flickr

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