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MP EL84 Principino class A valve amplifier

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Super Wammer

MP EL84 Principino class A valve amplifier 


Link here- hand made in Italy, super rare (interesting website):


One for sale is an older version by the look of the internals and valve locations. Mine has some decent upgrades as mentioned below.


According to their website:

Ultra-linear Push-Pull with EL84 class A

Based on the LEAK 20 schematic

15W output 8 ohms

10Hz-30Khz frequency response 

Bartolucci transformers (supposed to be very good and specifically designed for this circuit)


Amp has superb bass and slam. Lovely sweet sound, very revealing.

Upgrades to this unit:

1) Coupling caps are Mundorf ZN and RelCap Teflon/tin - very expensive

2) Binding posts by Jensen

3) RCA’s by CMC but with a true 24ct gold plate (soft, not hard plated with nickel)

4) IEC is a ACME Audio silver plated type and cryo treated

5) Selector switch is now an Elma type with gold pins

6) Rectifier tube is supposedly a high spec 5U4G from the Soviet Military, which I imported from the US of all places.


Bad bits:

Some blemishes to the light oak chassis - still looks amazing though.

Amp comes with no bottom cover (comes like this). Just means one could grab the amp from underneath and get a nice shock. I’ve avoided it but just so you are aware.

While the amp sounds amazing, it is not the quietest amp I’ve come across (low noise speaker hum as with some tube gear). But once the bass starts kicking and highs do their sparkling trick, it is more than forgiven 🙂

Selector switch moves to 3 locations but there are only 2 inputs. Selector switch can be removed and the plug moved to accommodate this but I’ve been lazy and it never bothered me.


Bespoke well made packaging for it (but just a box). Tubes have low hours, maybe 120 hours on them. 


Collection with demo preferred but I will post.


Priced to sell. I’ve got a valve pre and power combo as well as a new amp on the way so this amp will get little use now - needs must. A lovely and very rare piece.


£750 incl post. £730 collected.

These retail for 1995 Euro.








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There appears to be some missing info in your post. No photo or price?

Maybe I jumped the gun o.O

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Interesting reading, and he does make some very nice looking stuff

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Super Wammer

Let’s male it appealing 🙂

If unsure or tempted, bring your speakers around to demo.


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