Hi fi streamer - without a DAC

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Super Wammer
1 minute ago, MotherSky said:

I would say that if you are able to convert your Node thing for such a relatively modest outlay, it would be what our American cousins would call a "no brainer" - having experimented with fairly basic Pi (actually Allo) based streaming, the difference between mid-fi and completely acceptable hifi sound was purely down to power supplies - as others have commented, this is hardly a novel concept, and is far removed from cable-lifter black magic nonsense - if you already own a decent LPS, all the better, otherwise something like the Teradak DC30W would be a good place to start - you can adjust the voltage yourself, and it's astonishing for the money - I currently use an Sbooster BOTW Ultra, but appreciate that it might be a leap of faith at this point... Just do it!

Thanks for the vote of confidence... and I'm delighted to confirm that I've pressed the button(s) on this. Sean at Custom HiFi Cables is changing my LPS to 5.2v for £90 including current booster mod and Brent at Fidelity Audio has agreed to send me an interface PCB (normally not sold separately, cheapest option being with quiet external SMPS @ £155) for £135. Both top blokes - really really nice and really really knowledgeable. Total cost of change £225. I don't think I can be arsed to get my second Node 2 down from Kendal so I can do level-matched blind comparisons... so will probably feed back on expectation-biased inky blacks. :)

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