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one of my opal speakers is making a  crackling noise in standby , if i fiddle with the adjusters on the front of the speaker , the cones move aswell , seems like a static type problem , is this  a quick fix  like a contact cleaner on the knobs or will i have t find someone to repair , if so does anyone know any one in birmingham who could take a look 

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I would suspect it is electronic noise from the pre amp so I would suggest trying changing the connecting leads and then when connected see if moving the volume and other pots on your preamp causes crackle to occur.  If you can rule out the preamp then it may be something to do with the built in amps or the connectors (hopefully the techies in here will answer that one).

As to repairs in Birmingham - there is Musical Electronic Repairs (do everything from keyboards to amps) https://www.facebook.com/musical.electronic.repairs/

Five Ways Hi FIdelity rebuild and repair valve amps (and more) http://www.fwhifi.co.uk/

I have not used either so hopefully some wammers in the Brum region will make some recommendations - although it might be worth giving Opal a call for some advice 

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Ah i was only thinking about your event opals the other day , firebottle in Tipton i am sure will have a look at them. he is an extremely clever chap 

I have considered the first one Uzzy mentioned myself for a keyboard 


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