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Linn Lingo 2 - service ?

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On ‎16‎/‎08‎/‎2019 at 17:06, ThomasOK said:

...The filtering that Smokestack mentions is in the AC inlet itself.  Darran actually replaces the entire inlet with one from Linn that doesn't have the filtering as it is a real bear to take apart the filtered one and remove the components.  I believe he only does that when requested as it is mostly those with Naim electronics who have a problem with the filter.

The effect is audible in  kit  other than Naim.... but is probably best filed under  "not worth losing sleep over "  or  "obsessives only need worry "

[I serviced my old Lingo mainly  because a cap had failed, seemingly  losing a motor phase and spotted one day when the deck wouldn't start without a push.:D]

All in all , a cap change and service is a sensible thing to do with an old Mk 1 Lingo  as it will likely sound a wee bit  better when it's done and it will ensure long term reliability .

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