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Apollo 11, 50 years ago

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I have watched many of the different programmes across all the channels as I never get bored with such an outstanding achievement.

The fact that the Saturn 5 starts off so slow from takeoff, before accelerating to about 7,500 feet per second, at the end of the first stage, defies logic. It is basically a bomb about to explode. The size of the thing, which I am fortunate to have seen up close at the Space Centre in Florida, is something to behold. The simulator of the take off experience, was amazing :o. I even bought a cap and sweatshirt B| to remember the occasion.

I was almost 16 years old when it happened, and it is true how so many people around the world were mesmerised by the occasion. The history of the test pilots who took part, were almost killed trying to test aircraft to the ultimate limits. It’s a shame no one remembers Michael Collins, for his part. Without which Neil Armstrong, and Buzz Aldrin, would never have returned.

I had forgotten, or was not aware that they only had another 30 seconds of fuel left in which to land :nerves:

I am pleased so many news and current affairs programmes have done their bit to remember the 50th anniversary. A truly awesome experience never to be repeated.  

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