FS: Walker Audio Reference Second Edition phonostage

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For sale is one of the most exotic phonostages in the world. The Walker Audio Reference Second Edition phonostage is considered to be the best phonostage in the world by many reviewers. It is the personal reference phonostage of Jonathan Valin of Absolute Sound. I have personally compared it with FM Acoustics and Audio Note M8 phonostages. The Walker made them sound like second class equipments. It is an ultra quiet and very high resolution phonostage IMO. Super short signal path. Just one single gain stage which can be adjusted from 45db to 70db. Dual mono power supply with 2 power cords inputs. Dual-mono phonostage module with complete point to point wiring made from medical grade wiring chosen by Llyod Walker. It doesn't get any more purist than this.
Here is a review where the author compares it to Lamm LP2:
The new retail used to be $25k. I am asking GBP 7.5k. 
I will ship worldwide and accept paypal (add 4%).
Here are some pictures:

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Not being funny but even at the reduced price of £5.9K I'd want to be seeing high quality shots of the rear at least and maybe even inside if possible.

Just my 2p....

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Sure, I can do that for any interested buyer. I have never opened the unit for casual shots yet.

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