Can get a good deal on a pair of Dynaudio Excite X14

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I can get a new pair of Dynaudio Excite X14 for as little as $450, retail price in denmark is $1053, when stereophile reviewed them they cost $1500 for a pair

Dynaudio Excite X14 loudspeaker

B (Restricted LF) recommended speaker as late as 2019 by stereophile ($1299 for a pair) recommended-components-2019-edition-loudspeakers

Currently have Mission QX-2 which are fair high sensitive speakers and lots of deep bass if the music requires it. Despite not having alot of power im surprised of how loud i  can play (not more than a low powered tubeamp).

I think the deal for a pair of Dynaudio excite X14 is really great, i had the Dynaudio emit m10, i think i wanted a bit more bass or higher sensitivity, i sold them, i wrote back to the one who wanted to buy my speakers i regret it and i wanted to keep them, at that point it was to late, he was on his way to collect them.

The Dynadio excite 14 is just in another tier then the misson QX-2,Kef Q150/350, Dali Zensor 1 and the price is just what i got for my used emit m10  or what a new pair of dali zensor 3 costs (again grat deal for a new pair or excite x14) 

How much is the minimum recommended power for the speakers? Dynaudio don't specifiy any, think of it as if you only have  a low powered tube amp (most of them are under 50 watt in 4 ohm).

On hifishark i tried to look for dynaduo DM 2/6, 2/7, emit m10,M20 couldn't find any

The deal for the excite x14 have been for atleast 14 days, although they don't seem to get as good reviews as the emit m10,m20, mission qx-2,Q acoustics concept 40, they are just in another tier,league, i would go as fare as to say they mabye are high end entry level speakers just under speakers like the KEF LS50, Acoustic Energy AE1 Active and other £ $ 1000 + bookshelf speakers and should easily compete with speakers like the B&W 600 models.

Are they worth buying over what i have ? Mission-QX-2-Hi-Fi-choice-group-test-winner.pdf

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No and i don't know where they have excite, they are replaced with the Evoke models 

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Hi gasolin :)

Nice to hear from you again. In my humble opinion, the excite 14 are worth taking a risk on, unheard at the price you are getting them at.. You can check up their price in india on a site called hifimart, and they retail for 90000 indian rupees, which works out to roughly 1250 dollars. So you actually have a  mouth watering deal there. So please take the plunge , more so because you've always loved the other emit series in the past.  So don't think you will go wrong with excite series :)

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Again a good price the emit M10 cost 50% more, what im worried most about is not having enough power

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