Anyone had any experience of JDI monoblocks

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Got a couple of these which I’m going to drag out of storage as l need a bit more power usual weedy valve amps.To drive a pair of QLN signature split fields a recent retail therapy indulgence

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Just try it and tell us what you think.   They are pretty rare methinks.  I have a cognitive bias that the Graaf OTL (which is listed in your info) will do a better job soundwise .. however the QLNs do like a fair bit of power.  So we await your findings with interest.

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Posted (edited)

Ahhaaha well here l am back after a few hours of stunned amazement.

listening to the JDI’s in combo with the QLM signature split field 11s.

Yup that was a real treat, couldn’t believe how live sounding a presentation they delivered.

( folky, girlie,guitar and gentle rockn roll.) musicians seemed to be playing just for you.

Speaker location just disappeared with wonderful dynamics ,natural amounts of detail and a huge soundstage.

These Qln are an absolute treasure and remind you why you have the audio addiction.

You just enjoy the music and forget the system, (not that l’m not going to do a few tweaks).

Lucky that the JDI’s seem a very good match at 60 watts, my OTL was non compatible.

Have spoken with Mats the designer via email at QLM and he reckons a solid 40 watts needed for valve power.

So one happy give classic a try audiofile 

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