Active and passive speaker topologies with examples

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On 16/06/2019 at 13:53, Tin said:

Thank you for your opinion.

For someone who gets upset when I describe a piece of electronics a meat grinder, you certainly have a interesting approach in describing people.

I am not on trial here, and I fail to see the attraction in being targeted all of the time.


There is a thread on Audiophilestyle - which discusses the S/N of amplifiers and the effective noise of 16bit audio etc. On the 4th page, someone discusses the DAC volume control, but does not discuss any issue of problems of the noise floor. Thread is as follows - and i assume your username is @Tin on that forum too ?

You can obtain other peoples views without mentioning Linn if you want to, so you can then separate the perceived Linn bashing as opposed to information or facts provided.



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