Soundations AV rack

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Soundations AV rack.  Selling my beautiful rack because it's just sitting in a shed since I moved abroad...I can't see when I'll use it agani.

I saw this US rack online and was surprised to find ONE for sale in the UK.  I can honestly say I believe this is the only one in the UK.  A beautiful rack which I believe was $1300 when new in the USA. 4 brushed metal pillars with suspension metal rods for the glass shelves.  Allen key height adjustable glass shelves (a few threads on the metal adjusters have been shredded due to age, but all shelves stay firmly put as you can see).  I put rubber washers in between to separate the glass from touching the metal adjusters.  Each shelf takes a very good weight which again is obvious to see from my photo.  Metal rods on each corner separate the shelves from vibration.  Also has spikes. I had this at Scalford for 2 years running. It's a beautiful rack but is not perfect....a few scratches on the pillars, needs a good wipe down and some of the holding discs don't tighten onto the glass from above...but that doesn't affect stability.  350 GBP or offers welcome. Collection only from my Dad's house in Hay-on-Wye.  It's heavy and you're likely to need an estate car or similar.  From the photo only the glass shelves come out, the rest cannot be separated.

AV-F1Blck_zps88569dea (2).JPG


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Nice rack, not dissimilar to mine in its constructions, not sure if they're the same make. And a Wadia too :-)

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