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An unexpected treat

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Just back from a very nice week in Lake Como. While there a not was stuck under the door advertising a free concert the next evening at the local Anglican church overlooking the lake.

We went along out of interest, beautiful church and a totally unexpected treat from a local musician.

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Indeed, sounds wonderful.

A few years ago, whilst on holiday in the eastern mediterranean, it was our habit to walk back to our hotel after dinner in the nearby town and stop for a nightcap at a bar just outside our hotel.

There was an english chap with electric guitar and drum machine playing and singing most evenings, quite competent but nothing special.

One evening there was a group at a table that he clearly knew, one of their number, a russian girl with an acoustic guitar was invited up to play with him. He, rather tastefully I thought, confined himself to playing rhythm/background parts while the girl played guitar and sang, in russian, they had clearly done this before.

She played 3 or 4 songs that she described as 'russian folk songs' and they were quite wonderful. Both my wife and I were in tears when we left at the end of the evening, the sadness and longing transcending language, as magical as it was unexpected.

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