For sale Plinius SA250MKIV+Plinius m16

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Hi,Im selling my fantastic power amp Plinius SA250MKIV(latest version together with the upgraded kit )+Plinius M16 latest version( phono stage fitted),original remote,manuals,schematics(not available online whatsoever),plus the upgraded kit which I bought it few weeks ago directly from ex Plinius engineer!.According to the few guys from New Zealand and SUA who installed the mods in to the SA250 MKIV compared with Plinius SA REF they all said SA250 was better "I was fortunate enough to have my SA250MK4s modified in New Zealand where I reside which was researched by the man who was the main force behind the design of Plinius amplifiers prior to his departure in 2005. I was then able to make a side by side comparison with a SA REF which I had for 2 weeks. The modified SA250MK4 performed to a level beyond that of the SA REF. This was also confirmed by another Plinius SA250 owner who was present at the time".

The PLINIUS SA-250 MKIV stereo amplifier is a Class A amplifier capable of delivering up to 250watts per channel in both Class A and Class AB mode. Bridged Mono RCA and Balanced Mono XLR circuits used in the SA250 allow Monoblock operation delivering in excess of 900 watts.
This amplifier gets you into serious listening without breaking the bank. 
Plinius’ distinctive heatsink profile has allowed us to maintain the classic look and produce an amplifier capable of operating in Class A without the use of troublesome fans or other methods used for cooling.The amp can drive with easy any speakers Magnepan,Apogee.RRP10.000£ for the amp and 4.000£ for preamp.Collection only from London beacause of the weight of the amp57kg!.Im looking for 5000£ for both.More photos on request.Thank you




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Very nice Florian,

You have pm.



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