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37 minutes ago, toms wait said:

I have had a poke about on all circuit boards and hard wire and anything that looked dry, frayed, etc has had a waft of solder over it.

Have it playing now and d'yer'know it ISN"T crackling or fizzing so maybe just maybe we are in love again.

None of the components look fried and many are new or recent.

The reason I was so hacked off is it has had a lot of work and still keeps trying to wind me up by breaking down.

If it was a car and I was a Torquay hotel proprietor it would have been thrashed with a stick by now.

Hi Tom, All

Glad it's working again. I'm only perplexed as I'm 300 miles away and havn't heard the noise to diagnose the fault. It is true that out of something like 14 now I've upgraded /serviced, this is the only with any issues. It's interesting some examples show signs of overheating on the main power board and others don't, which is maybe a function of how well they have been ventilated. That power board has wafer thin tracks and once overheated the cure is as Tom says is to patch by wiring point to point


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