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Pair Fostex FE126En speakers in spec bass reflex boxes

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Pair Fostex FE126En speakers in spec bass reflex boxes

Box to Fostex spec, made of mdf and covered in Zebrano wood veneer, topped with a little gloss (more satin in looks), with tiny gold flecks for a nice finish. Not a factory high quality finish mind.

Driver baskets themselves have been damped with neoprene tacky mats, so has the rear magnet which also has some closed cell 4mm foam attached to absorb internal reflections.

Internal wire is from Jantzen - 13AWG, 4N copper, silver plated with a PTFE dielectric. Good contact was made with the speaker terminals before being soldered in place with 9% silver solder.

Binding posts are CMC silver plated types. No solder used as the internal wire can be mechanically connected to improve conductivity (screwed down). The binding post back plate is from Dayton, topped off with a brass name plate detailing the components used.

Loving their transparency and detail - amazing what they can do. I’m about 60 hours in, so still a way to go before they sound their best.

They were constructed/bought as an experiment for my tv setup but the other half prefers my original set up (looks wise which is an oak bespoke stereo centre channel that sits on the tv rack - less HiFi clutter). So I’m reverting back to that at the loss of detail retrieval and ‘air’ etc.

£250 posted (at my loss :( )






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