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Open door

Turntable Gold Note Valore 425 Plus in Walnut (upgrade) + cartridge

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Super Wammer
Posted (edited)

Turntable Gold Note Valore 425 Plus in Walnut (upgrade) + cartridge


This is the Plus version of the 425 which means it is either the acrylic version or with the walnut veneer option. Both said to improve damping of the plinth.


Seems retail is now at £1445 for these versions. A real looker of a turntable. My price at the end of this thread :)


At the moment I have a cartridge attached which can be removed if only the TT is wanted on its own, pricing split below. Cartridge attached is an Audio Technica AT-OC9/III MC with low hours, maybe 250 or so.


There is a tweak done to this turntable making it more user friendly and sounds better. Stock Gold Note tonearms have their own variation of a DIN connector at it’s base. This means any cable upgrade options are only available via Gold Note direct at considerable cost.


So this TT’s tonearm when to Audio Origami who 3D printed a bung so a Cardas DIN connector could be swapped into the tonearm base. So now any DIN based cable upgrade can be used 😊


Cable connected at the moment is short due to how I had it placed and was bespoke made for me by Parts Connexion in Canada, made up of cast solid silver, PTFE wrapped and screened cable into an 1877Phono (Zanfino) gold plated DIN connector. RCA’s are KLE silver plated varieties. 

The stock cable which is great, has had its DIN connector swapped out to a Gothic Audio – so if you need a longer length you will be set.


Only other tweak which can be undone is a wrapped the bearing housing with some damping material – this can be removed if wanted.


Link here:


Plinth is 30mm with special cut out shapes to reduce vibrations (seen in one of the photos).

9” Gold Note B-5 tonearm with Rega fit (geometry). 

4mm thick high mass dust cover in superb condition.

Turntable itself is 9.5/10 in condition with only a couple hundred hours use. Cable are still to be fully burnt in. 

Tall platter bearing – 60mm

Comes with the original unused felt mat, but I’ll also include an original Ringmat too.

23mm thick platter in high dampening PTE, extra-long platter spindle, minimum platter/plinth distance and high-quality platter bearing - every single feature is in fact directly derived from their flagship series.

Dimensions: 425mm W | 170mm H | 360mm D
Weight: 9kg
Wow & Flutter: 0,2%
Rumble: -75dB
Speed: 33-1/3 and 45 rpm +/-0,1%
Transmission: 70 shores rectified polyvinyl belt
Speed changing: electronic with fine pitch control
Motor: 12 Volt High Torque synchronous externally powered
Platter: 23mm in PTE

Platter spindle: special Split-Spindle™
Platter bearing: Chromed Steel 5mm ball bearing with adjustable brass seat, in aluminium case with two Graphite & Teflon elastic inner guide


Manual link:


  • Turntable with the cartridge: £1075

  • Turntable on its own (incl tonearm, cables etc but no cart): £875 

  • Collection preferred but will post as I have all the packaging £20










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Super Wammer

Happy to meet up if easier for a hand over. Happy to drive 80 miles or so if it helps make a decision :^

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