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I have recently changed jobs and will be spending a far greater amount of time on planes and trains so want to invest in some NC Headphones.  I have read the reviews on the following:

  • Bose Quiet Comfort II
  • Sony WH-1000X Mk 3
  • B&0 Beoplay H9i

I had always thought that the Bose was the best for NC if not sound quality but reviews appear to suggest that Sony's NC is as good these days.

Any thoughts?


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I've got the Sony Mk2 version, and SWMBO has the QC35 (?).  There's not a huge amount of difference, but I'd give the Sonys the edge both in SQ and NC.  In the end though, I think it will come more down to comfort.

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Super Wammer

I picked up a pair of the Bose QC25's when they were on special 1 day discount on Amazon for my bus/train/tube commute and they do a pretty good job given the excessive noise of my trip to and from work. I've also recently tried the Sennheiser Momentum 2.0, albeit they have "hybrid active noise cancellation". When sat still, they sounded much better than the Bose QC25's, but an annoying (and as is well documented if you search the .net) an annoying rattle in the left ear cup meant they were returned for a refund...

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