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Stand for the rich and famous!?!?

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mikedefacto wrote:

what a joker.

"A unique stand with many high quality features made from some of the finest materials available. This is the only one of its kind. "


Surely if he's selling gear for this much he can afford to get someone in who can take a decent photo for his ebay listings?

He's got to pay for that cheap ozzy lager in the photo too.

Must have borrowed someones camera phone. If it sells I will laugh my arse off. I'll also have to find a way back onto the Naim forum to have a good point and laugh.

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why.. if you are into Naim and can afford Fraim would you then go and build a hideous carbuncle like that.. and keep it INSIDE the house where people might see it.:shock::nup::nup::nup::nup::nup::nup::nup::nup::puke::puke::puke::puke::puke::puke::puke::puke::puke:

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