Transcendent Audio The Pinnacle 300B OTL monoblocks

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For sale (due to silly money 211 amp on the way) - Transcendent Sound The Pinnacle 300B Output Transformer Less 300B monoblocks. 

Professionally built in December by David Coe, the only parts he thought worth upgrading was the caps, which was done at the time of building. 

When looking for a good set of 300B monblocks (after auditioning a good few) I found that the limiting factor was the quality of the transformer, which meant I was looking at huge money for something I could live with (£10-£15k per amp). I was told about these and they are SUPERB. If you saw my posts earlier in the year, I had a £40k Kondo for a try and I kept the Pinnacles as they were marginally better. 

These amps sound absolutely superb, David thought they possibly had the best mid band he'd heard, and that was when they were just built, they opened up massively over the first 50 hours or so after I got them home. The bass is the best you'll ever hear from a 300B too, it has incredible power and tone and texture. 

They're not the prettiest design in the world with the uncovered chokes and input transformers, but you don't see this on the rack. From the front they're actually really nice with the big 300B's dominating the picture ;)

The front cover is a thick plastic and bows out a few mm's, but a bit of glue would sort it, I never got round to it as you only see it if looking from directly above - see pics.

Specs and details here:

The amps use two 802's, one 803 and four 300B's per amp. Included in the sale are (see pics):

A full set of the JJ 802's & JJ 803's that I used initially. Less than 50 hours use on these.

I then upgraded the 803's to Genalex Golden Lions so there a set of these. Less than 100 hours on these.

I then upgraded the 802's to Toshiba NOS's which are mega and by far the best 802's I heard. So I bought 8 to have two sets and do me for years. Less than 100 hours on one set of these, the other set unused.

A full set of Electro Harmonix GG's. Less than 100 hours on these.

I then upgraded so a full set of Genalex Golden Lions. Less than 100 hours on these.

(The 300B's are all in matched quads by the way)

That's £2k worth of valves included in the sale.

The kits are £1700 inc. tax and shipping, they're a 2 day build per amp so you're looking at a min of £1000-£1500 to get them built. Then you're valves are a min of £1000 on top of that. Realistically to get these built properly you're looking at a minimum of £4k.

Reduced to £2350 (inc all the valves) shipped to the U.K via DHL next day courier. You won't find valve monos that list at ten times the price that sound as good as these.











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Interesting, pm sent

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Hi consider me keen on these otl s how do we proceed 1950 is fair, will you ship to Germany

best regards

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Hi i ll pay for shipping or arrange a UK address to ship to, consider Amps sold

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Hi sold to me ? If yes please provide bank info will send downpayment ,

best regards

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