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Matt J

Online music storage for S/box?

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Sorry for sounding thick but I dont quite understand this :oops:

Does the above let you have a s/box without the need for storing your music on a PC? or am I reading it wrong? if so can someone explain it?

If its as I read it then surely this is a massive step towards reliable music storage rather than having to worry about the failure of your music HD and backing it all up, also would this work the same as the access to the internet radio and let you listen to your own music with the PC off?

I was seriously considering a s/box duet anyway but if the above is correct I'm sold!

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You can access mp3tunes through Squeezenetwork, so don't need a PC going this route. You do still need to rip in your music and upload it, and the bandwidth you get from mp3tunes will be limited.

Still, it's one idea for the future - although direct streaming of hi-res on a pay-per-play or subscription basis is surely the plan ;)

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