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Thanks to those that offered constructive input, it was my deck involved. I've been in this hobby for over thirty years now... I have some experience with TT and just wound my way back into vinyl. I finally went with the E3, only concerned as to how its weight might manage with the Jelco st-250 arm... (AR, Linn, Sumiko), which by the way can still be found for 250 gbp used on ebay, or 650 Euro online NOS. I should not have worried... its a great match... wont go into some fool hardy pseudo audiophilic review filled with bloated review terms... its simply a very very good cart. I had an AT91 and did not like it, I'd read the 95 shared sound qualities, but heard the Goldring was a bit more refined with no loss of detail... turned out, at least in my opinion they were right. I was considering the Nagaoka MP-110 as its only 115 on ebay new right now, but for me and my deck, the quality of vinyl I have, this is excellent. I can recommend it for lo to mid priced decks and arms, no experience with super expensive TT gear aside from listening to others so I cant say if it would be up to snuff for some of you guys. If you want to hear music, with no fatigue, but no sense of veiling etc... this is fine, IMO. If you're looking for a litany of buzzwords you may be beyond help. As these are all returnable through Amazon, don't stress, try it if you like, return it if you don't... keep it simple folks. 

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