PMC MB2-P(assive) in walnut with custom stands

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PMCs sold - custom stands still available.

Gday all,

Moving house soon (finally) and sadly need to downsize my system and free up funds for the renovation.  Gutted as I’d gotten it to a point where I didn’t fuss about hi-fi anymore.  Oh well.

Anyways, up for sale are PMC MB2-P(assive) transmission line monitor loudspeakers in walnut. They come with custom made stands (42cm high made of steel and mercury colour powder coated - see photos) and original boxes and documentation.  I’m the first owner.

Details of the speakers are on the PMC website (look under professional and MB2S (S just means MB2 but in studio-black finish). See: https://pmc-speakers.com/products/professional/passive/mb2s

PMC spiel:

“The MB2S is perfect for mid-sized control rooms either soffit mounted or on its custom studio stands. The MB2S allows higher SPL’s without distortion and loss of definition normally associated with a device of its size. The distinctive MB2S includes the PMC 75 mid-driver that has taken the limits of soft dome design and construction to its ultimate conclusion. The Radial low frequency driver allows massive controlled excursions and avoids  the effects of power compression, by cooling via its cast alloy exo-skeleton and new rear vented magnet.”


·       Crossover Frequency: 380Hz & 3.8kHz

·       Dimensions: H 870mm 34.25" W 380mm 14.96" D 535mm 21.06"

·       Drive Units: LF 310mm PMC Radial™ driver, MF 75mm PMC fabric dome,  HF 27mm fabric soft dome

·       Effective Advanced Transmission Line Length:3m 10ft

·       Frequency Response: 20Hz - 25kHz

·       Impedance: 8 Ohm Nominal

·       Input Connectors: 3 Pairs 4mm Sockets (Tri-wire or Tri-Amp)

·       sensitivity: 91dB 1W 1m

·       Recommended amp power up to 800W

·       Weight:49kg 108lbs


For those not aware, these are transmission line-type main monitors widely used in studios around the world. E.g: Metropolis Mastering, Deutsche Grammophon, and Abbey Road (mastering rooms 7 and 30). See:




Which means not many consumer reviews of this PMC model, except this advertorial with PMC owner/founder Pete Thomas (who uses MB2s at home): http://www.the-ear.net/how-to/ultimate-listening-room

However, quite a few professional testimonials etc are available on the web, including:






Perfect operational condition and cosmetic condition is excellent overall.  PM me for more photos.

These sell for £13200 (inc vat) for the studio black version: see https://www.proaudioeurope.com/monitoring/passive-monitors/pmc-mb2s-passive-monitors-pair.html

Or you could spend £22K for the newer consumer SE version…

Asking £7K. 

Cash on collection in Dublin, Ireland preferred (so you can have a good listen for yourself) or by bank transfer. Happy to ship at cost or for buyer to organise their own shipping (but both at buyer’s risk).  Please note that total weight is circa 100 kg.  For UK mainland buyers would probably be cheaper/safer to catch the ferry across to pick up and make a trip of it!

Am also selling the Bryston 14BSST power amp and Bryston SP1.7 processor (basically a BP25 pre-amp with built-in DAC) in the photos. Makes a truly awesome combination. Will list these separately but am happy to do a deal etc.  

Drop me a PM if interested/queries and I can e-mail more photos etc.  Lowballers politely ignored.





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OooohhhHHH !.    Im drooling.

And theres the problem, tis a lot of dosh, enough for a boat, front porch, whatever....

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Ain't that the truth.  If you thought hi-fi was going for silly money these days (which it generally is!), try buying a house in Dublin or getting some building work done... Crazy!

Anyways, this is a lot of quality speaker for the money and should get all but the most diehard off the whole upgraditis thing imho. They did for me and hopefully they'll find a nice new home (no doubt much bigger than my new one will be... :P).

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