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On 07/04/2019 at 15:33, Excursion Central said:

Hi everyone, I'm generally happy with the sound of my system, the problem came when I walked into a B&O shop and heard the Beolab 50s. 

The mids and highs were so much clearer and didn't get nearly as "screechy" yet sounded much more crisp at very high volumes. 

I'm just wondering what I could do to replicate their sound (short of paying £26k). 

Any thoughts appreciated. Picture of setup (listed below) attached:

Speakers: Focal 726V

Amp: Nad C370 (cleaned up about 2 years ago) 

Dac: Irdac 2

Sub: Homebuilt, 2x peerless xls10, 2x 300w rms digital plate amps. Ported, tuned to 20hz.

I'm thinking something like 2nd hand Adam Audio Gamma / B&W 802d s2/3 but would be very open to suggestions. Budget is as low as possible to replicate / rival the sound, max probably 10k including electronics.

Thanks in advance!Screenshot_20190407-152636_Gallery.thumb.jpg.eaa8e016e819c3c82d1fcfd193438800.jpg

You won't get close to replicating a B&O. They are a lifestyle brand and you pay a premium for that style. 

The best advice I can give - I know it's boring - is to dem various combos and decide which one sounds right. However, please bear in mind that all brands have their own distinctive house sound/presentation. 

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There is no substitute for a home demonstration. The sound you like is individual to you and also needs to work in your room.

With that kind of budget, and the existing kit you have, I would be looking at new speakers and amplification. I would personally not advocate a subwoofer as one should not be required with the right speaker choice. It also introduces another matching variable into the equation. My experience of Focal is that they can be a little 'toppy' and that, based on what you have said, is not what you are looking for. The Beolab speakers you have heard are 'truthful', more akin perhaps to a quality studio monitor with a flat response rather than an accentuation of particular frequencies.

If you are open to the used market then I would be looking at ATC. They have given me the best show sounds that I have heard for several years. You could also consider the Beolab 5 if that is a direction you would like to explore. You won't find many (any) reviews from audiophile publications because of the perception of them as a lifestyle brand, but as a B&O owner (amongst many brands) you ignore their statement products at your peril!

Good luck and enjoy the ride.

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there's a few tweeks you can try before you spend any money on other kit.

get the speakers off the laminate floor, spikes and bases would be a first start. 

bring them into the room a little (9 inches or more) then a little toe in.

next, look at a decent interconnect to go between amp and cd. 

i'd lose the sub too.  

there are others, but thats where i'd start.

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