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Radio live broadcast classical

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So i was listenning to the scottish chamber orchestra live relay last night from glasgow, bbc nicola bernadetti solo fiddle, the orchestra sounnd was quiet good, but dear lord the fiddle sounded poor, and also close miked every time she seemed to move, i presume the sound was even worse, she obviously plays on a very good sounding fiddle, at least in the many thousdands of pounds , at least 20 thousand , if its a big hitting violin , well the chaps at the bbc managed to make it sound like a fiddle down th local folk band , and actually worse as when she moved around the thing went funny, the orchestra didnt sound like the timpani or brass were in your face but nicely at the back of the hall, the stereo was odd, rather mon with a bit of left and right, again at times you can hear the engineer riding fader it seems to me bringing up theoboes or at times the various viola cello parts , it was a live broadcast , sadly i didnt record it ,but i do enjoy a live broadcast even with the fm limitations nice live room sound , plenty of bottom end in the recording.  Any recomends for the same mozart on cd, a live recording would be nice, got some rachel podger comming soon , lovely , been enjoying some meridian records recordings mostly live it seems and not too mashed about, regards lowendall

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