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Alex D

1 Director, 1 Film

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I don't know if this has been done before... but as there is an ongoing 1 actor, 1 film (strange that no one has mentioned an actress...) thread, I'l start this.

Akira Kurosawa - Ran

I could have said Ikiru but... I just love the whole pessimistic tone of the movie, and it has probably the greatest action sequence in film history (ok, that I've seen!) that p####s on all the Terminators and Die Hards of the world. Well, he DID do that 30 years earlier with Seven Samurai, didn't he? Besides, I am also intrigued with the whole sexual subtext of the movie. There is one moment in the film when Lady Kaede "seduces/overpowers" Jiro which cuts to a scene with Hidetora and the Fool (Kyoami), who is conspicuosly androgenous, inside the ruins of a castle and the framing puts the Fool behind a fallen beam that looks as if it were his erect penis! If that doesn't suggest a director with very strong fears about women sexuality, then I don't know what could... Anyway, see the movie and think of what I mentioned.

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