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I sure did, I bought me a pair of these bad boys . Had to buy them one at a time, as could only afford them that way so had to have the mono button pressed in on my NAD amp for a couple of months until I could afford to go stereo and buy a second one ;-). Had to carry it home on the bus which was no mean feat as they were massive and weighed a ton (even individually)

Obviously not really that good but I loved them as I was young and into reggae at the time! Thy did go quite low as I remember (12 inch woofers)


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I worked in Laskys  in TCR for three months or more ( I forget). Customers came in their droves to buy Amstrad and Sinclair stuff while we did our best to get them to spend a few quid more for Trio or Cambridge.  The return rate on the Amstrad and Sinclair stuff was unbelievable- I know it was a long time ago but 20% seems about right. Oh and Ditton 15 speakers and Whalfdale bookshelve speakers flew out the door, as did Garrard SP25’s and Pioneer PL12D’s.  Couldn’t shift Connasiour turntables (BD something or other) though - too expensive.  Shure cartridge anyone M75? 

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Genexxa lx5's from Tandy's in Letchworth, still got them, the best speakers with a bit of tweaking, and there was a franchise in Hitchin, called Kotecha giftronics..... 
That's what I had in my room at Kegworth yesterday!0ce75a85d84bef4960190de1b3fd5ba3.jpg

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