My Tunes Evening at brianandtrevors 14 March 2019

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Super Wammer
Last night I had the pleasure of being the first music "selector" at Manchester dealer brianandtrevors first "My Tunes" evening - hopefully something that will become monthly on the calendar, if there are enough customers to volunteer. The idea is a customer selecting tunes, talking a bit about them, and playing them to other customers. And that's what it was about - the music. B&T didn't even introduce the system in use, we just listen to some tunes and drank their wine :). I hope the audience appreciated the evening, even if they didn't necessarily enjoy all the music I played. Fantastic Linn Klimax Exakt / Kudos system too. Full report here:
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Sounds like a really good night. I'm in Manchester so may get along to one of these if they have another one. Audio Counsel in Saddleworth used to do something similar but that is too much of a trek from south Manchester for a music night.

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