Good quality Cat 5 or 6 cables

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On 22/03/2019 at 01:59, Moomintroll said:

Hmm, that does kind of imply that Linn haven’t done a very good job at rejecting noise at the Ethernet input, then. TBH, given the improvements that Katalyst brought, then I find it a stretch that the designers wouldn’t do a sterling job at the input.

just a thought.

I will caveat any comments by saying that I use generic CAT5A/6 cabling throughout my systems.


Just make sure they are good quality cables. I like BJC because they test each cable before shipping, and include test results. That way there is no question that it meets spec. A 6 foot, a 20 foot, and a 25 foot cat 6a setup cost US$105. That's very inexpensive peace of mind.

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16 hours ago, akamatsu said:

Linn recommend good quality cat 5 or cat 6 cables as Exakt Links. There should be no difference between cat 5 or 6, shielded or unshielded. I suspect the difference is between good quality and bad quality. Replacing the cables could have solved a problem of cables that didn't meet the spec for which the equipment was designed.

But if my old cables were ‘bad quality’ wouldn’t I be getting drop-outs and stuff like that? How can you tell if the cable is good quality or not....?

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