Harbeth or Revel

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Super Wammer
1 hour ago, Nytastaba said:

I’ve had the JBL L100 Classic for a few days and have had a chance to listen to them several times.  A few thoughts.  Imaging is decent as far as width goes (hard to judge depth given where they sit in my room).  The mids and highs are a little veiled compared to the Harbeth P3ESR.  Very good judging on its own, but somewhat lacking when I a/b with the Harbeth.  The low end is pretty effortless and apparent even at a low volume.  Here the Harbeth is obviously sorely lacking when I a/b.  My set of the JBL sounds a little brighter than demo set in the store (and certainly brighter than Harbeth), but that could be potentially lessened with some breaking in.  In any event it is probably not so bright as to bother me.  Will pay more attention to this as I continue the evaluation.  

I could probably live with these speakers, given what I listen to.  And from everything I’ve heard as far as auditioning, it would cost a fair amount more than the JBL to get something better than Harbeth down low while keeping the mid magic.   

Still have some time to decide, and I certainly appreciate the point some people made about how a home audition is a must.  Not that that makes things any easier ... 

I believe the new models retain the original’s level controls for tweeter and mid-range drivers, so once you’re happy they’ve run in you can adjust them to get the balance you prefer.  

What colour grilles did you choose, as that’s by far the most important issue?! ;-)

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