Right you lot a couple of mates who have sampled the wonderful pies from my local farm shop at http://www.brostersfarmshop.co.uk/ have asked me to organise a pie order for the big day, the owner, Mark Broster, has offered a discount much larger than the catering clients get on the basis this will go to the show charity (discount depending upon overall order size) The rules are as follows, NO exceptions; there will be a deadline for orders 5PM WEDNESDAY 13TH MARCH as I will be placing the order 8am on Thursday - any requests after this will means you WILL go hungry pies are individual 5oz or stand pies which are 1lb orders will be bagged up and numbered please enter the quantity against each type of pie like I have done on #1 to be collected from my room at the show on Saturday payment in advance is required, will PM the holding bank account that I have for such things so bank transfer please when you pay advise forum name and order number (see the sheet) also available for those who are not true wammers various Quiche if there is a demand? Cheese & Onion / Pepper & Leek / Ham & Tomato / Bacon & Broccoli all £2.50, let me know if any interest? https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ypTZW001kZ_87HVx1-17vVYcTtZrZ50ijTXI4aVAfGc/edit?usp=sharing PLEASE NOTE: Broster's do not have a good source of chutney locally and what they have is Mrs Bridges, I think expensive at £2.70 so I suggest that you bring your own unless anyone has a good source? UPDATE: I have added the quiche options to the sheet