Parts for my linn Kaber

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Hi Zee9

Some good news and some bad news...

The good news is that I have and am about to list for sale most of the items you are looking for!!

The bad news is that I live in the UK...

I currently have in my main system, a Linn Majik 6100D (Black) with Chakra Aktiv cards, driving a pair of Linn Kabers (Black Ash, with Kudstone bases) and upgraded with the Hiquphon OW-II-92 tweeters.  (I also still have the original 15/3 tweeters)  I am planning to offer the above as an integrated set, but may end up splitting it up.  

As info, I checked basic shipping (5 days) costs to the USA and it would work out to be approx $180 shipping for a pair of Kabers and approx $80 shipping for a 6100D, plus insurance and any import fees.

Let me know if you're interested at all, or if you have any questions about the configuration in general.

If you’re up for splitting the system i’d be very interested in the cards and the 15/3 tweeters if the price is right. I know my brother would be interested in the polymer bases for my old keilidhs but again that’s price dependent. I’m guessing now I have to find aktiv backplates for the speakers as well. Is this an easy upgrade to do myself? Or does it have to be done by a dealer?

I’ll send you a private message with my contact details

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