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Wilson Audio TuneTot Speakers Now On Demo!

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Hi Everyone!

Now I must admit that I am a bit of a speaker tart, I really do love speakers, for me it is the most important part of a system and it can also be the hardest part of a system to choose as it is the part of your HiFi that actually talks to your room which can transform how your HiFi Sounds so careful choosing is a must.

Now I have always been a floorstander kinda guy, I always felt I was being short changed by a standmount speaker, well that was until I heard the awesome Brigadier Mu.2 speakers, this changed everything for me and since then I have been bringing on quite a few stand mount speakers to feed my addiction, I can really see why people prefer standmounts, there really is speed, agility, rhythm and a tightness that you don’t always get with a floorstander.

So in my search for the ultimate Stand Mount speaker I had to bring on the Wilson Audio TuneTot for Demo as I think everyone agrees that Wilson make some of the best speakers in the world, now I am a little late to the TuneTot party as they have been out for a few months now and initially I wasn’t going to bring them on but as the Brigadiers and Wilsons share a similar Mid/Bass unit I just couldn’t help myself in the end and I am so pleased I did as they are truly epic.

How such a small speaker can give such a big sound I have no idea, that is the Wilson magic I guess, you get that great Wilson mid and top but they really do give a fair bit of punch at the bottom end and I am running them in free air where to get the best from them they are designed to be on a unit or shelf close to the rear wall to help reinforce the bottom end.

You can spec your TuneTot’s as you please but I fully loaded mine with the IsoBase, Grills and Aluminium Ring which hides the mounting screws for the mic/base driver.

They really do look stunning in the red finish we went for which is a standard colour, it is like a semi matt which really works but as good as they look it is the sound that really impresses, what I love is that for people that haven’t got a large listening room they don’t have to compromise as you can now get that Wilson sound no matter what, well other than the £10,998 price tag which I guess could be an issue for some.

Anyway they are now on permanent demo so please feel free to come in anytime for a listen, so now for some unboxing pics -












Time to get unwrapping the protective film!

With Grills!


No Grill or Trim Ring!


With Aluminium Trim Ring





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I have silver ones on the same stands also pulled out from the wall.  I’m shocked!  Do have two REL S2 subs running with them in stereo and feel I now have a huge slice of the big Wilson sound.  Harbeths are for sale :).  Holographic, super tight fast bass, refinement. There is a certain sweetness too.  Wow!

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Great choice Adam, they are epic speakers, I need to try them with a couple of REL's also although they sound stunning without them tbh :^

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