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Diablo - pure class A amplifier - further price reduction.

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For sale class A (solid state) amplifier based on the Jean Hiraga 'Le Monstre' circuit.                                 

Front is finished in Mahogany natural veneer with 4 layers of semi gloss lacquer. The volume control knob is motorized, so when you use remote control to change the volume it turns accordingly. It has one input and therefore can be used as an integrated. The amp is perfectly tuned, so it doesn't overheat, buzz etc. Original design needs massive radiators to dispress a lot of heat ( class A downside ) so to minimize the size and weight, this example has slightly lower BIAS and uses two computer low noise fans to keep the temperature at the safe level.

Dual mono topology, each channel has its own 100W transformer and fully stabilized power supply. The power is 8 watts in a pure class A per channel -  this may not seem like a lot but they go a long way. They have driven my Russell K stoundmounts ( 87db ) speakers with ease and I still can't believe how good they are (watts and speakers...) Sound stage is wide, there is a lot of air and the amount of pin sharp details... you'll need to hear it to believe. The sound seems effortless and gives the impression of a much higher powered amplifier yet still being able to produce all the low level details and warmth - the sound which class-A amplification is renowned for. I have used this amp for over six months and it has functioned faultlessly.

I am looking for £300.00 inclusive of carriage in the uk. I would be prepared to demo if the distance is not too great. I am in Dagenham, essex.




















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If you load pics up to an external service like Flickr you can paste links in here - works well.

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3 hours ago, BERK59 said:


I’m keen to buy a Class A amp, but what I don’t understand is why 8W of Class A should "go further"  than 8W of Class Anything Else. I want to put a Class A Amp with JR 149s, which aren’t big speakers or particularly inefficient ones, but they have a reputation for sounding better when they’re “grippped.” They’re getting 50W per channel right now, 50W of current dumped quad. 


Anyway if you can think of a way of letting me see how they work with the speakers then let me know, if they sound as good as you say I’ll have them. I’m in London.


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