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I have a 1956 Cape VL1 Mk1 and a 1958 Mk11.  These are KT66 ultra-linear 25W monoblock amplifiers with similar circuitry supposedly based on a Williamson design.  Does anybody have any knowledge/experience of these amps or technical information especially a circuit diagram.

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7 hours ago, toprepairman said:

It's usually fairly straightforward to be able to workout the circuit diagram from the amp itself. I assume it uses 6SN7's or 6J5's in the input/driver stages.

Yes to some extent but not quite sure if it has not been messed about with by previous owners in the last 60+ years.  Would be nice to know the original specified values, voltage ratings and tolerances of components etc..

The input/driver valves are ECC82 and ECC83.

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