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Tweaking Your Linn System For Higher Performance, Part 4, Acoustic Room Treatment

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4 hours ago, ropedrag said:

I had the awakening a couple years ago moving into our new house, after setting up my system I could not get it to sound as good as it did at the old house and then one day, for a reason I don’t recall, I clapped my hands, image my horror to hear an echo! My man cave media room had a nasty “clap echo”....... and down the acoustical rabbit hole I went, searching for answers and solutions. It then occurred to me how we will spend incredible amounts of time and money on our systems while completely ignoring the room acoustics which in hindsight seems a bit insane!

Recently our beloved component manufacturers have made some great technology steps to help us out (which helps out their unit sales numbers as well) by adopting electronic wizardry in an effort to correct our acoustically challenged rooms. However, as awesome as this new fancy pants gear is it will only do so much! I’ll argue that regardless of how well it can be tuned to your space adding acoustical treatment will still make it better and do so inexpensively compared to our systems expense. I also believe that we being somewhat misguided will buy new speakers or other components wrongly thinking they will fix the issues we hear while never stopping to think that the gear is not the issue!!!

Anyway after trying to educate myself on acoustics by reading a lot and doing things such as room model calculations etc, I become more confused and overwhelmed on the whole thing. Thankfully for my sanity I found Vicoustics, which as Paul mentioned earlier is a company out of Portugal. And for a fee, which will be subtracted off a purchase, they will build an electronic model of your room with the information you provide and design a specific acoustical treatment custom to that end. When complete you will get several pages of room frequency models, recommended solutions and a link to view your modeled room with the treatments in place so you can navigate through it visually, impressive to say the least! I was sold and I still am, this was one of the best decisions I’ve made with regards to musical enjoyment. Granted my wife let’s me do what I want in my man cave and while I can appreciate those that don’t want the aesthetics or the wife factor coming into play, there are a lot of options available through Vicoustic, and others, once you have an idea of what will help.

All i’m saying is that you might give it some thought 

Thanks for sharing your journey into the world of room treatment.

I fully agree with you Ropedrag, regarding the positive impact of incorporating acoustic panelling as astonishing bang for the buck..

Having heard your system a few times now, I can proclaim that you have best sounding Exakted 242's I have ever heard.

I think that a large measure of that has to do with your room treatment, and acoustic panelling.

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