Turntable 2 into 1 ?

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Super Wammer


I would like to rationalise my turntable/pre-amp collection.

One deck is the Clearaudio Concept fitted with "Silver Note" Bespoke arm and a Rega 78 Mono MM Cartridge. The clear audio does 33/45/78 with electronic speed change.

The other is a Project Classic SB super pack fitted with a MC Cartridge. 33/45 is switched, but 78 requires a different belt fitting when you change speed

Both Decks the  headshells are fixed.

My Preamp (Luxman) has only one phono input which is switched MM/MC

To use both decks I used an outboard Preamp which goes into a line i/p on the pre-amp.

I wonder if you have any thoughts on the following:-

  1. Replace both decks with a turntable which has a removable headshell , the most obvious choice would be a new Techniques SL 1210GR and get a spare headshell. 
  2. Fit a replacement arm to the Clearaudio which has a removable headshell (Arm is standard type Rega mounting 26mm hole)
  3. How would you rate the deck performance of Clear Audio v Techniques v Project

I dont have many 78's but the mother-in-law has quite a large selection I could inherit or borrow.



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I would stick to having two decks if you let one go and change the arm you may regret it 

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