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FS: Clearaudio Emotion SE with CMB

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For sale CA Emotion SE with Satisfy carbon tonearm and ceramic magnetic bearing -fully boxed ( could be shipped , ask for postage cost) , cartridge not included
I bought this table 3 years ago from guy working for Soundfowndation (one of CA dealers) , TT is in very good visual condition , headshell and arm tube insert has been replaced along with brand new CA cartridge tags ( I also have another one as a spare) , comes with 2 silent belts , bearing oil , small spirit level , manual, clever recod clamp
only flaw I can find is the grab screw marks on the arm pillar
I'll take some better pictures this weekend as I need to take it out of the box
£800 plus postage - could be collected from Shenfield/Essex, payment BT or PayPal friends&family5Qz03Y1.jpg

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Almost forgot about , I have made to order another plinth in black acrylic to suit SME tonearms , it comes with cutout for the sled , hole for the main bearing , I haven't tapped M12 holes for support legs as I thought double sided 3M pads would be as good . I started setting it up but then I bought another turntable and it went to the cupboard . It could be used with tonearms other than SME if used with one of this:
Some pictures I found on my mobile:




I can sell it separately for £200 or £950 with turntable - arm not included obviously , it's very easy to swap and works nicely , I'll take some more pics in a week

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Black acrylic plinth for SME and other tonearms , elongated cutout for tonearm is not particularly neat but won't be seen under the sled


Manual and all other paperwork


Top layer of the box , tonearm would be secured against any movement if shipped


Box with auxiliaries - small round spirit level , bearing oil, screwdriver and allen keys , motor pulley , clever clamp , tonearm insert plus 2 headshells (one unused) , anti-skate screw ,


marks from grab screws holding/tightening tonearm , not visible as they are within the arm collar


Second layer - turntable plinth


Third layer - platter , there are some minor scuffs but couldn't capture with camera


Assembled tonearm and CMB spindle


and fully assembled , I didn't realize I had 3 Silent Belts , grab screws on motor pulley are nylon so care need to be taken when doing them up , tonearm is directly wired so no need for extra RCA interconnect


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Very nice package. Not unreasonable price and its a looker. Longshot, but if the buyer does opt for the SME arm alternative, I would be very interested in the Satisfy on its own.

Jack NSM

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Thanks Jack , I''ll keep it in mind 

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