Wanted: Denon DL103

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Looking for a 103 in good working order for use in a second system. Happy to consider modified or re-bodied versions as long as they have some life left in them. Please PM offers.

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I have a DL 103 which has been bonded to a 5mm alu plate and carbon wafer bonded to the sides & front. The nuts are captive (so that's one less fiddly thing when mounting). These mods are intended to make the cart less resonant and increase the overall mass of the arm/cart to make it more friendly with modern (lighter) tonearms.

The cartridge has been used for about 2 hours (no kidding).

The little alu plate means you will need to raise your tonearm pillar by about 5 mm so you need an arm with adjustable VTA.

Can send photos - but not before dinner ;-)

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