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Steve H

Precision Bench Power Supply. TTI PL155, 0-15 Volts, 0-5 Amps.

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I bought this precision linear PSU from RS components in Sept 2017. I have used it to power my modest audio computer at home, it gets used about once a week for a few hours. It did make the music sound better than my old analogue PL154 PSU.  My reason for selling this PSU is because I'm building another computer as my current one is nearly six years old. My plan is to build a small server which needs a slightly more powerful PSU.  

Any questions feel free to pm me. 

Price new £330 inc VAT, for sale at £260. 

Item is in South Northamptonshire. 

Link to manufacturers website; 

Extract from the spec sheet and the reason I bought it; 

Output Performance Ripple & Noise *: Normal mode voltage: <0·4mV rms and 2mV p-p Normal mode current: <0·2mArms; <40uA on 500mA range.

Common mode current: <5uA rms Load Regulation: Voltage - <0·01% + 2mV. Current - typically 0·01% + 500µA.

Voltage specification applies for any load change, measured at the output terminals. When using remote sense add 0.5mV per 0.1V drop in the +ve output lead (max. sense lead resistance 0.5 W). Line Regulation: Voltage <0·01% + 2mV for 10% line change. Current <0·01% + 250µA. for 10% line change. Transient Response: <50µs to within 50mV of setting for a 90% load change.

PL155 with box and cd.JPG

PL155 power on small file.jpg

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