SOLD: Goldring Lenco 88 turntable

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SOLD is a lovely example of the Goldring 88. I've owned this for about 10 years. The deck is running well having been fettIed again recently with a re-greased motor and re-lubricated bearing. The bearing was upgraded to a ceramic ball running on a PTFE thrust pad some years ago which gives very low friction. This motor unit is lovely and works well. The platter mat has seen better days but I always used it with a white Funk Firm Achromat to great effect.

The plinth is a multilayer birch ply construction set up for 2 arms (9" to 10") . I ran many arms on this over the years from Rega's and Linn's to Jelco's and even a Spacearm. I will include a piece of correct birch ply for making fresh armboards (easy to do) and will include the various ones I made over the years (2x Rega, 1x Linn, 1xADC). The two on at the moment are both for Jelco SA-375h (Sumiko MMT) at Rega geometry.

I'm loath to sell this one as its such a lovely combo but it was superseded in my system some time ago and space is getting tight. I really need to stop hoarding!

I can't post this as the plinth is really very heavy with the Lenco atop and I can't find the motor transport screws at the moment. I'd suggest pickup from near Chester. £350 collected.










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Carl - this turntable and plinth are worthy of commendation. I like the visual match of the Goldring's chassis colour and the birchply varnish (or whatever was used) and especially the intricate filling in of the 'depth' below the surface to maximise damping.

The 88 is a bit of a collectors' item being the transcription version of the 75 and much scarcer. Its a lovely looking deck.

This could make a worthy front end in a suitably vintage-style system.

Its a joy to my eyes in our classifieds.

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Pop a low cost Jelco tonearm on this like a 250ST and it will make really excellent sounds. 

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