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On 05/02/2019 at 19:45, newlash09 said:


Iam not familiar with your choice of music or loudness levels. In my recent trip to the UK, I saw some eclipse TD508mk2 or 3's on richer sounds or seven oaks for around 1000 pounds. Couldn't decide upon then. But subsequent online research showed them to the best in mid range clarity irrespective of price. And all the popular jazz musicians use them at home and in their studios. That is recommendation enough for me. But they don't do very high volumes or go deep in the bass, even their treble is rolled off. But they are supposed to be awesome for a near field setup. 

Since you mentioned a shortage of space like me, and again since the title  of this thread mentions full range , thought I'd mention them here for your consideration. They are a single driver full range speakers

Thanks for the suggestion, I listen to all sorts so will investigate further.

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I'm currently use a pair of Quad II's with ES14 or JBL L40 both are a very easy loads for the Quads.

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