Cable Management Tweak - Salamander Synergy

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I discovered a neat little gadget that makes it super easy to manage cables on your rack, especially if you use a Salamander Synergy.  The product is called Gear Tie and they are made by Nite Ize, it is a reusable rubberized twist tie available in a variety of sizes.  However, the 18" ones have a ball on the end that happens to fit perfectly in the groove of your Salamander Synergy rack.  They are easy to push in/out, but they stay put so you can easily make a loop to route cables through.  They are super flexible, come in a lot of sizes, and you certainly could use them for cable management in a variety of situations, but too cool how the bigger size fits in the Synergy rack!  


Gear Tie Pic# (1).jpg

Gear Tie Pic# (2).jpg

Gear Tie Pic# (3).jpg

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Accidental post.

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